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Meet The Board

Your Board of Directors has an essential role in supporting the growth of Main Market Coop!

They act as the voice of the membership and serve as the governing body of the Coop, not running daily operations but setting policy and vision for how the store meets our members' needs now and in the future. Your board members welcome your feedback and thoughts. They can be reached by email at [email protected]

The Main Market Board has a maximum of seven seats. Each Director is elected to a 3-year term.

Martee Snyder

Elected Director



Laura Viherlahti

Elected Director


Vice President

Marc Gauthier

Appointed Director


Elected Director 2018

Roisin Lally

Appointed Director



Dana Oxford

Appointed Director



The Board is Accepting Applications for New Members

If you are passionate about Main Market Coop, a Member/Owner in good standing, and looking for a greater opportunity to participate in this community, we have two seats opening on our Board and are gathering applications for our 2021 Board Election!


What does it take to become a Board Director? First, you volunteer your candidacy! After you have filled out an application the nominating committee will acknowledge receipt and schedule an interview with you (these happen throughout February). Once all interviews are conducted, the committee will present a slate of candidates for the board to approve and you will be called with next steps before the election kicks off.

This is a volunteer position that offers lots of yummy food at meetings, occasional gift cards for going the extra mile in hour commitments, and plenty of good people to work with and learn from. Time commitments are 1.5 hour meetings 10 months per year, 1 hour committee meetings occasionally depending on committee (monthly or quarterly), 1 day per year board retreat (5-8 hours in town, all food provided), and the terms are 3 years. Board members are welcome to volunteer additional hours by serving as an officer or pitching in extra where needed!

Deadline for applications is February 21, 2021. Please submit earlier if you can to be sure we have the candidates needed for open seats. We are particularly looking for directors with legal and financial background and experience. If you know someone that would be willing to serve with these qualifications, please reach out to them. Even if they aren't currently a member, they can sign up for membership before submitting an application! Those with other experience are also of course welcome to apply.

Want to know more about serving on the Board? Send your applications and questions our way at [email protected].

*Please note that completing an application does not guarantee inclusion on the ballot! This is a multi-step process governed by our bylaws, and we'll keep you up to date over the coming months. But if you're even a little interested we strongly encourage you to submit an application!!

Link to 2021 Application. Please submit with Resume and/or letter of interest to [email protected]!

Call for 2018 Board Candidates!

Serving on the Board of Directors is an opportunity to engage more deeply with the financial and development pieces of running a cooperatively owned business. As a Director, you represent the Member/Owners and work closely with fellow Directors and the General Manager. An elected term is 3-years long and Directors meet monthly for two hours, more or less depending on the agenda. The Board may also form committees to take on specific work or projects in their purview. The minimum commitment is to attend the monthly meetings, to be prepared for the meetings by reading all of the materials provided ahead of time, to be engaged, and inspired to help grow our vibrant and diverse community! You will receive training and support throughout your term so passion is just as valuable as experience; no experience necessary. However, you do need to be a Member/Owner in good standing!

Are you feeling the call? Find the application here!

Application deadline is March 2, 2018. Once you have submitted your application you will be contacted by the Board Nominating Committee with further steps

Curious and want to know more? Email Micki at [email protected]


Legal bylaws of our cooperative

Learn More

Policy Governance

This is the governing document of the Coop. It outlines the roles of the Board of Directors and General Manager. Both parties create monthly reports showing compliance or plan to come within compliance to ensure there is accountability for running our owners' business well.ext to start editing. This block is a great way to highlight key services of your business.

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