Exciting Member-owner benefit changes begin

September 1, 2018!

As financial stewards of Main Market Co-op it is our responsibility to monitor and review the various programs, incentives, and other benchmarks that reflect our mission-driven work. We know that instituting change must always be a thoughtful process that takes a lot of small but important considerations and applies them to the big picture vision. In the course of recent financial reviews, it was determined that transforming our monthly discount into a series of dynamic weekly promotions for our member-owners was a positive step towards cultivating the stability and growth that will benefit all of the Main Market community. We see a bright and bountiful future for this little cooperative grocery store and our first important step is expanding member-ownership and engagement.

What is changing:

Currently Member-owners get 10% off of one shopping trip per month. This discount is changing to a program of weekly member-owner only promotions. These weekly deals will be announced in our weekly emails and promoted throughout the store.


Our current discount system entices many member-owners to shop the Co-op only once a month. A sustainable future for your Co-op requires much more support from the member-owners! There will be a fresh, new benefit every week offered for members only that will allow us to be creative and work more closely with our vendors to bring you offers that are exciting and mutually beneficial. The board and management has identified this as a key change in order to improve the profitability of your co-op while still bringing great value to our member-owners.

Why we think it’s a better structure:

  1.  It’s one less thing the cashiers will have to ask you at the register. The discounts will apply automatically as long as you’ve given the cashier your member card or name.
  2.  Often, the discounts will be MORE than 10%! Some weekly discounts will look like this: 15% off Bulk, 20% off Produce, 15% off a whole line of cooking oils, spend $100 and get 15% off.
  3.  You can use the discounts AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT in a given week. If it’s a 15% Bulk sale week and you forgot something on your first shop, come back and you’ll still get your discount as long as it’s during the advertised dates.
  4.  Membership IS ownership and we need our owners to come in often and give us feedback on how we can do better. The more often you come in, the more our co-op can evolve to reflect our owners and community.

We also invite you to join us at the August Board Meeting to hear more from the Directors about the change and what this means for the future of your Co-op!

August Board Meeting

@Main Market Co-op

Thursday, August 16th, 5pm

If you are planning to join us, please RSVP to ensure adequate space as well as email any questions or comments to: [email protected]