Member Update 12/1/2018

Dear Member-Owners of the Main Market Co-op,

Thank you to everyone who did their Thanksgiving shopping at Main Market! That was a great week for the store and we need your continued support. The winter months are often challenging for sales as people settle into different rhythms of life and shopping with holidays and weather. Additionally, there are fewer conventions that buoy our sales. So, we need to count on you, our Member-Owners, more during the winter months! We have challenges that all small businesses have with the increases to minimum wage, and we want to do our part to have jobs that have a living wage for our community. We need you to do this.

As our Customer Survey last spring indicated, most of our shoppers think it is important that Main Market is a Co-op but that most also spend less than 25% of their grocery budget at the Co-op. This does not give the store as much room as we need to succeed. While the store is here for the greater Spokane community, our downtown neighbors, our weekday lunch crowd, and the ebb and flow of the convention visitors, what we really need is our dedicated base of Member-Owners to step in and strongly support the Co-op regularly with more of your grocery dollars. Like any other retail business, we need consistent, strong sales to keep the doors open.

What makes the cooperative model unique is that we don’t have a CEO, we aren’t the result of a large corporate decision-making body. You, the Member-Owners are the valued stakeholders who ultimately determine the future of the Co-op. You elect your Board of Directors, some of you serve on the Board, or have or might someday. The Board works with store Management to plan and monitor financial success. The Staff work to shape the Co-op into the communal vision of all stakeholders through daily operations. We are all shoppers of the Co-op, how many dollars we spend here is an important part of our voice in how the future of Main Market is formed.

This is a call to action. The financial condition of the Co-op is very matter-of-fact and there is only one solution to create real stability and growth: sales. This year is the make it or break it year. If Main Market Co-op is going to continue to exist it needs to be through our pursuits as an independent community organization, this is what defines us and ultimately empowers us. Ensuring the success of the Co-op is up to all of us and we can only do this together.

How can you help right now?

  • Shop at your Co-op!
  • Spend a few more dollars per visit.
  • Shop more often, buy what you can at the Co-op before going to another store.
  • Keep up with your equity share payments, make an extra payment, or pay it off.
  • Buy gift cards for friends and family who don’t already shop at the Co-op so they can come in and see the store you co-own with your community!

Our Board of Directors is planning a meeting to discuss the financial state of Main Market Co-op with Member-Owners in early 2019. We know that this email will generate a lot of questions and concerns, which space will be made for soon, please keep an eye on your weekly email for forthcoming information. In the meantime, keep shopping your



Your dedicated Board & Management