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Stocking Stuffers 


The Co-op has tiny gifts galore, perfect for stockings and more! We have everything from fantastic fair-trade chocolates and organic lollipops (and candy canes of course) to sipping chocolates, lip balms, headache sticks, earrings, finger puppets, glass straws, teas and more! Keep scrolling for details on some of our faves. 

Cheers to Feeling Good!

PartySmart is an herbal supplement to prevent or lessen the intensity of the dreaded hangover (one capsule for a better morning!) Tongue Tide is a local company with a unique product designed to put an end to pesky dry-mouth (aka cotton-mouth). We've tried it, and we're happy to report that the lovely citrus-flavored drops do the trick! Island Thyme headache sticks are one of our top sellers, the peppermint lavender formula works immediately when applied to the back of the neck to relieve tension and soothe pounding heads. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Elixirs are a delicious and healthy way to incorporate the magic of mushies to any drink, great for focus, energy, and well-being. And lastly, everyone loves a little fire cider, we currently carry Mickelbery Gardens Fireside Honey Tonic, delicious and nutritious, perfect for an energetic immune system boost! Show your loves how much you care and give the gift of feeling good! 

Matr Boomie

Our fair-trade earrings and bells from Matr Boomie are one of our most popular gifts this season, and we have plenty to choose from. The bells are beautiful, handmade and sound divine. The earrings, on sale for $8.99/each, are an easy, inexpensive long-lasting gift that are sure to get plenty of use.  

Keeping Track

Just a quick shout-out for our Lunar Phase Posters (so cool and beautiful) and our pocket-sized Slingshot organizer (hand-drawn and full of counter-culture info and dates). Both are under ten bucks, both are super useful and fun to look at, both are great gift ideas, and both can fit in a stocking... 

For the Littles

Besides organic lollipops, holiday-themed chocolate bars, candy canes, and other delightful sweet treats, we have adorable finger puppets and miniature guatamalen stuffed animals. Don't forget we also have beautiful locally-grown organic apples and pears! Also, satsumas, pomegranates, and oranges make awesome stocking stuffers! 

Bodycare products make wonderful gifts!


Our wellness department is a fantastic place to find unique and beautiful gifts for everyone! We have a great selection of bath bombs, salts, essential oils and diffusers, beard grooming supplies, perfume oils, bamboo hair brushes, body glitter, massage oils, beauty creams and more. Plus, everything you need to make your own signature gifts: containers for custom oils, salves, elixirs, tinctures, lip balms, and more, plus carrier oils, beeswax and butters.

Check out a few highlights below! 

Pacha​ Soap Company

Pacha Soap Company believes in spreading goodness throughout the world. Their very simple mission is manifest through their commitment to transparent and ethical sourcing, support of clean water initiatives and hygeine education, and by investing in communities through skill development and entrepreneurial opportunites to establish self-sustaining commerce. AND, they make the most delicious, luxurious, gorgeous, all-natural bath bombs! Currently we are carrying their three holiday-themed froth-bombs: Pines and Needles, To Be Frank, and Farmhouse Cider.

Fragrance Oils and Bod​​y Glitter

KuumbaMade is a beautiful line of frangrance oils and glitters. Super affordable and super popular, they have become one of our best-selling products in our wellness department. Customer favorites include: Black Coconut, Zen Rain, and Tunisian Patchouli. We also carry their fun and festive Simply Sparkles body glitter, adored by young and old alike, in silver, gold, indigo, pink, green, and violet. And lastly we have certified organic fragrance oils from Pranarom, elegant and beautifully crafted in three scents: Fleur (Neroli & Lavender) Bois (Balsam Fir & Cedarwood) and Citrus (Bergamot & Sandalwood).

Beard Grooming Supplies

Do you know and love a beard? We currently carry several items sure to please the most unruly of them. Badger has a whole kit complete with a balm and an oil. We also have Camamu's Bay Rhum Shave Soap Bar, and their Hair and Beard oil, Oh My Gaia's after-shave in leather lavender, plus plenty of hand-made ceramic shave bowls and wooden natural bristle brushes to add the finishing touches to a fine gentlemen's gift.

Cannabis Basics

Made in Seattle, Cannabis Basics blends CBD with Arnica to create their super luscious line of body care products that not only smells amazing and moisturizes, it is also a super effective pain relief remedy. It's hard to pick a favorite, they are all so awesome! The Love Yourself Massage Oil has a dreamy but light tangerine lavender scent, the Sole's Desire Repair Cream is my feet's favorite thing in the world, and the lemon dream sugar scrub is perfect for exfoliating and moisturizing winter skin, and the Remedy Pain Stick is the most convenient way to treat muscle pain on the go... Plus lip balm and XXXRescue Butter... We are really loving this stuff, and we're sure you and your loves will too!

Gifts from our Mercantile Department

November 26th, 2018

This week our entire mercantile department is 10% off for members! Here is the perfect opportunity to get a head start on holiday shopping and to highlight some of our wonderful offerings for this year’s gift-giving season.

From our fair trade friends at Matr Boomie we are carrying beautifully handcrafted bells and chimes. An array of sizes and shapes, designs, and sounds are available, along with their amazing assortment of earrings. Also on the fair trade side of things are handcrafted grass baskets from Alaffia. From small to large these make a lovely gift container or a beautiful present by themselves. 

From Maggie's Organics we have super cute wool socks and knee-highs to warm your loves and organic cotton arm warmers for optimum coziness. We brought in an fantastic selection of gorgeous, fun, and inspiring calendars and planners to adorn walls and plot out events for the coming year (It’s gonna be the best one yet, right?!) From Social Justice Kittens, Georgia O’Keefe prints to Bike Art to the ever popular art of Nikki McLure to the 2019 Witches’ Calendar to We’Moon and Slingshot planners, there is something for everyone. We also have the classic Lunar Calendar Poster available for the first time! Also, our current magazine selection is overflowing with awesome new titles, like Mad (seriously!) Communities, Bitch, N+1 and Lonely Planet to name just a few…

Our holiday offerings this year include handcrafted wooden ornaments by U.S. artist Kurt Meyer, fairy and fair trade chocolate advent calendars, and holiday greeting cards. We also have adorable finger puppets and miniature Guatemalan stuffed animals, perfect for stockings!

As always we offer a large selection of candles for function and beauty. Along with our usual locally crafted beeswax tapers, pillars, and votives from Tate’s Honey Farm, we now have their holiday candles in stock in tree shapes and more. We have the wonderful Aloha Bay Chakra Pillar candles, coconut scented votives, including holiday scents, and coconut dripless tapers in a variety of colors. For an extra special gift, we have several sizes of Himalayan Salt Lamps. Our incense and smudge selection is more indulgent than ever with several varieties from Washington company Higher Mind Incense and the delicate fragrances of Shoyeido. We also carry several colors and styles of Shoyeido's ceramic incense holders. And as always we offer palo santo, sage, and sweetgrass smudges from Mountain Rose Herbs.

For the practical and zero waste enthusiasts we have glass straws in a variety of sizes, along with sleeves for safe keeping. They are handcrafted by local folks at just south of us near Yakima. We also have organic hemp produce bags, tea strainers and re-usable hemp tea bags, thermoses, water bottles, storage containers, recycled glass mini-jars and more. We also have wooden soup ladles, mugs, wooden utensils, the ultimate whisk, suribachis, wine glasses and more.

We do our best to provide high quality, relevant, and thoughtful items to our community, we wish you a low stress, enjoyable holiday season, and we truly hope that our planning will make your shopping list a little bit easier this year.