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Membership Benefits

Anyone can shop. Anyone can join.
  • Investing in a local community owned business, YOU own part of a local business with your community members
  • Receive year-end dividend proportional to your total dollar amount of shopping for the year. (Not yet in place until business start-up costs are mitigated.) Operating as a not-for-profit business, the idea is that if we make a profit, we return a portion to those owners that help us succeed.
  • Weekly member savings coupons or member-only deals
  • Access to exclusive rotating member-only deals
  • Case order discounts
  • Discounts at participating local business partners
  • Free or Discounted Workshops
  • Support local sustainable producers
  • Your own community grocery store!
  • Newsletter – Monthly e-version, Quarterly Print
  • Vote for your Board of Directors
  • Serve on the Board of Directors
  • Participate in annual member meetings & monthly Board of Directors meetings