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What is a Co-op?

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Cooperatives are Everywhere!

There are health care cooperatives, housing cooperatives, credit unions are cooperatives, and farmers often use this model too to pool resources for crop storage and expensive equipment.

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Cooperative history

See the history of consumer food cooperatives like ours that trace back 200 years to Rochdale, England.

Main Market Co-op exists for the community of Spokane with a multiplier effect throughout the Inland Northwest. We work to create:

A market for healthy, local, sustainable food

A model cooperatively owned business
A healthier local environment and food system
A strengthened local economy and livelihoods

Cooperative Principles

Co-ops operate according to 7 international principles that emphasize the many ways we do business differently.

We're here to sell groceries, but we pledge to do that in a way that cares for all of our community and makes us stronger together.


Learn the many benefits of being an owner

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Learn more about the ins and outs of membership with some of our most frequently asked questions from customers

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Important info for New Owners

Important information if you're considering becoming an owner or if you're a new/existing owner already!

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