Jan 24

Working with the PNW Farmers Co-op

For immediate release - Jan. 24, 2011

Contact: Jeanette Hamilton


Main Market Co-op introduces new, locally-grown specialty foods

Main Market Co-op is introducing a new line of specialty lentils, garbanzo beans and split peas grown sustainably on the Palouse by Pacific Northwest Farmers Cooperative, known as PNW. The PNW foods contain no genetically-modified organisms and are verified by The Non-GMO Project.

Main Market Co-op is very pleased to be working with PNW. We are dedicated to serving our community by selling wholesome food while we support local farmers,” said Jeanette Hamilton, Main Market Co-op's General Manager.

PNW’s unique foods include Shasta yellow and Sunrise red lentils that don’t muddy the cooking water and are less processed than other lentils, and smooth & creamy Pedrosillano café garbanzo beans that increase about 15 percent in size after soaking and make outstanding hummus.

All PNW products are verified by The Non-GMO Project, as well as Parve and Kosher certified by Kashrut.

We know there is a real and growing concern about the food we eat and the methods under which those foods are grown and handled,” says Bill Newbry, PNW chief executive officer. “We select the food products we grow as carefully as we select food for our own families.”

Pacific Northwest Farmers Cooperative, known as PNW, is a family of 700 farmers in eastern Washington and northern Idaho who are passionate about putting healthier food on your table. Passed down through many generations, PNW’s 100-year-old family farms are rooted in sustainable agriculture.

Main Market Co-op provides fresh, local produce, bulk foods, chef prepared take-away items, quality local baked goods, and a range of additional groceries, personal, home and pet care supplies. All sourced with sustainability in mind.

In addition to highlighting the season’s finest foods, the store provides a host of educational programs, a rooftop garden, space for special events, rentable freezer lockers, ways to connect directly with local producers and a seasonal outdoor seating area. Bike, dog and even some car parking (even an electric car plug-in) are all available on site.

Thank you for your interest in Main Market Co-op.

For more information, please contact: Jeanette Hamilton at gm@mainmarket.coop.

For more information about PNW’s foods, please call Kim Davidson at 487-0755 or e-mail Kim@DavidsonCommodities.com.

Learn more about The Non-GMO Project at http://www.nongmoproject.org/ .

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