Mar 30

Time to vote for new Board Members!



 Ballots have been sent to membership via email and everyone has the opportunity to vote in the store. The ballots, nominee biographies, and ballot box are located across from the cheese case against the wall next to the grocery carts.




The annual meeting of members of Main Market Co-op will be held on Saturday, April 21, 2012, at 10 AM, Pacific Time, in the Community Building Lobby, 35 West Main, Spokane, Washington. The community building is directly across the street from the Co-Op.


At the annual meeting members will be asked to vote upon the election of three directors from a slate of four candidates nominated by the Nominating Committee in accordance with the procedures established by the Bylaws of the Co-op.


Notice On Voting By Mail


The Board of Directors has ordered that the vote of the members may be taken by mail with the same effect as if taken in-person at the annual meeting. Members choosing to vote by mail may cast their ballot as follows:


  1. Print out a copy of your ballot
  2. Mark your ballot – you may vote for any 3 of the 4 candidates listed.
  3. Print or type your full name in the space provided at the bottom of the ballot.
  4. If you know it, write the last 6 digits of your member number under your name.
  5. Sign and date your ballot in the space provided.
  6. Place your ballot in a sealed envelope addressed to

Main Market Co-op

Attn: Annual Meeting

44 W. Main Street

Spokane WA 99201

  1. Either send the envelope by US Mail, postage prepaid, or physically deliver it to Main Market and deposit it in the ballot box provided.


Ballots must be received by the close of business on April 20, 2012. Members present at the annual meeting, and who did not submit a ballot, will have an opportunity to vote at the meeting.


All ballots will be opened and counted at the annual meeting on Saturday, April 21, 2012.


Only those persons who are members of Main Market Co-op as of March 21, 2012, will be entitled to notice of, and to vote at, the annual meeting of members or any adjournments thereof.


                                                                        By order of the Board of Directors


                                                                        Nick Pontarolo, Secretary


2012 Board Nominees


Amanda Parrish


After studying in the biodiverse ecosystems of Ecuador, Amanda completed her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies at the University of San Francisco, California. She relocated to the Inland Northwest to work in forest monitoring with the Coeur d'Alene Tribe. 


In 2009 she served The Lands Council (TLC) as an AmeriCorps member and is thrilled to continue working at TLC as a full-time employee, revitalizing the Inland Northwest’s ecosystems through beaver restoration. In her spare time, in case you were wondering, she enjoys being in bodies of water, gluten-free baking, hiking, Nordic skiing, plant identification, Tapatio hot sauce, and good company.


Amanda has a long-standing interest in Main Market.  Working right across the street since its opening, she has shopped at the Market from the get-go. In fact, today she shops in the Market daily, if not twice daily, and uses Main Market for roughly 90% of all her grocery purchases.  Her background as a natural resources professional at a non-profit here in Spokane make her uniquely able to appreciate the sustainability and community-building that the Market strives to achieve.  If elected, she will bring leadership, environmental ethics, and a grocery shopper’s perspective to the Board of Directors.


Mark Silver


I am a third generation Spokane native, and still live a mile from my childhood home.  My wife, Sue, and I raised our two sons here, attending the same schools that I attended. and both are graduates of Washington universities. I am very proud to call Spokane home, and I believe my long history here gives me an important perspective and appreciation for this city, and our amazing resources.


During my 30 years as a Spokane business owner, I have had the privilege to work and grow in this community.  I have started and successfully built two businesses from the ground up—working in all areas of the business, including developing business plans and strategies, building sites and construction, day to day operations, management of employees, and I have diverse marketing experience.  In addition I have served on non profit boards as a board member, treasurer, and president. 


As a founding co-op member, I want to see the Main Market continue to grow and flourish.  I believe my experience and history would be an asset to the board, as we work to make this a strong and sustainable operation.


It would be an honor and a privilege to serve you as a board member for the Main Market Co-op.


G. Patrick Meier


I am a food enthusiast.  This was made clear in the early 60’s when my parents left for a week, and I made 7 pies to ‘feed’ my four brothers and myself for the week.  Since then I earned a PhD at Madison (WI), have raised two great kids with my wife, and taught at the university level.  I am currently semi-retired and teaching chemistry at SFCC.  For the last 8 years we have run a small farm producing goats, chickens, sheep, and vegetables for local farmer's markets and co-ops.

We started the farm so that we knew the background of our food and because we enjoy growing it.  We strive to offerdelicious, nutritious, diverse, and responsibly raised food.  One of the gratifying parts of farming is the opportunity to learn from the earth and the animals.

As a member of the Co-op board, I would strive to expand our offerings and to encourage the Co-op to be proactive in teaching about culinary customs, safety, diversity, and variety, as well as encouraging sustainable agriculture practices.

 So here's to good food and a lifetime of learning. Here's to the Co-op, the Growers, and the Eaters! Bon appetit !

Daniel Mortensen

My name is Daniel Mortensen, I have lived in the Spokane area since 1981.   During that time I owned and operated the Green Bluff Store from 1981 until 1988.  Since that time, I have worked at the Washington State Department of Transportation as a real estate appraiser and appraisal reviewer.  


I volunteered to serve on the Main Market Coop (MMC) Board of directors for the same reasons that I joined the MMC. I believe that it is vital that we do everything we can to support, encourage and develop food sources that are local and sustainable and contain no GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).  I also believe it is just as important that we do everything we can to insure that the MMC is self sustaining.  As a member of the board I will do all I can to support and contribute to these goals.

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