Feb 27

New Discount Structure For Members

Shop at the Co-op  *  Pick one trip per month to use your 10% discount  *  Let your cashier know to apply it at the register!

Beginning March 2015 we will be doing away with member discount weekends. We’ve found that it just doesn’t best suit the needs of all of our members. There’s been confusion over not only when the discount weekend is but many members just can’t make one weekend a month work with their shopping habits and schedules. Additionally, we want you to shop here all month long—not just during member weekend!
Instead all current members (must be up to date on equity payments) will receive a monthly discount coupon that can be utilized at the register. For the next several months that discount coupon will be 10% off ONE shopping trip ANY time during the month. AND there’s no need to keep track of a piece of paper—YOU choose the shopping trip where you would like your discount applied and let the cashier know to apply it to your total. Once applied, the discount will go inactive for the remainder of the month and then start over again the following month.
It is important to remember that membership is intended for household use, so if you share your membership with others in your household it will be important to coordinate use of your discount as there is only one use per membership per month. We will also be introducing additional member only coupons in future months that encourage regular shopping and invite you to experience the co-op in new ways…look for those soon!

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