Sep 30

Co-op Essentials

Hello Co-op Supporters,

We regularly hear that affordability is the biggest barrier to shopping locally or organically. And while we could go on for days about our broken food system in this country and how the REAL costs socially and environmentally of food are not reflected in so many grocery store prices, we at Main Market are committed to making sustainable, healthy food more accessible to everyone.

We are proud to announce the Co-op Essentials program. Every quarter we will pick a handful of items representing a cross-section of a basic everyday shopping list (some of them like flaked coconut would certainly represent an adventurous whole foods eater’s shopping list!) to put on discount. Our hope is to feature local, organic, or non-gmo verified products at a more affordable price point so more of our community can more regularly enjoy high quality responsible food on their tables! Please click here for our current shopping guide and look for the decal pictured below on our shelves throughout the store.


Please spread the word about the program and remember that Main Market is a not for profit mission driven community grocery store owned by YOU!

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