What is a co-op?

Cooperatives are Everywhere!

There are health care cooperatives, housing cooperatives, credit unions are cooperatives, and farmers often use this model too to pool resources for crop storage and expensive equipment.

Cooperative history

See the history of consumer food cooperatives like ours that trace back 200 years to Rochdale, England.

Main Market Co-op exists for the community of Spokane with a multiplier effect throughout the Inland Northwest. We work to create:

A market for healthy, local, sustainable food

A model cooperatively owned business
A healthier local environment and food system
A strengthened local economy and livlihoods

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Food Quality

Main Market Co-op prioritizes local producers and small companies that take care of our community. We preference products that are made closer to Spokane and prioritize whole foods. We look for certifications like organic, Non-GMO verified, and Fair Trade that tells us when a company's claims have been verified.

Most importantly we listen to our owners and let them vote with their dollars on the products they do and don't want in our store.

Concern for Community

Our co-op is democratically owned by community residents, lending accountability and oversight to store operations. Our operations and profits are geared to increasing COMMUNITY wealth not Wall Street wealth. We invest in local producers, our employees, and local businesses and charitable organizations in alignment with our mission.

Concern for People

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Concern for Environment

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The difference ownership makes

Everyone is welcome to shop at Main Market Cooperative, but by joining our thousands of cooperative owners, you get something more - a stake in a local company that's committed deeply to our community and local food system. 

There are many options for health food in Spokane, but only one where you can become a co-owner of a mission driven retail business. Main Market is here to strengthen Spokane's food system, protect its environment, and care for and nurture the local economy. Your ownership ensures we always stay that way - locally driven.

Julie, Current member-owmer

"When I shop at the co-op I'm voting with my dollars. I'm supporting an idea for a better world and getting great groceries too." 


Learn the many benefits of being an owner

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Learn more about the ins and outs of membership with some of our most frequently asked questions from customers

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Important info for New Owners

Important information if you're considering becoming an owner or if you're a new/existing owner already!

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Business Partners

These fantastic locally owned businesses offer special discounts to Main Market Owners. Present your membership card (key fob) to be eligible for discount.

Our Board

Your board of directors are elected annually every Spring and serve 3 year terms. They act as the voice of the membership and serve as the governing body of the co-op - not running daily operations but setting policy and vision for how the store meets our members' needs now and in the future.

Ellen Maccarone

Board President

Sheri Shields

Vice President

Stephanie Brady


Phil Spiegel

Tamy Roloff

Tim Herold

Sarah Schwering


Legal bylaws of our cooperative

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Policy Governance

This is the governing document of the co-op. It outlines the roles of the Board of Directors and General Manager. Both parties create monthly reports showing compliance or plans to come within compliance to ensure there is accountability for running our owners' business well.

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Next Public Meeting July 20th 5pm Main Market Co-op

If you're interested in attending, please RSVP by email below and pertinent documents and instructions will be emailed to you. A reminder that "public" meetings are open to active current member-owners only.

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Past Meeting Minutes

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